This Tiger Has A Jack Russel Cornered, But Just 3 Seconds Later I Was SPEECHLESS…


Abengal tiger and a Jack Russel terrier are wrestling when the terrier finds himself perilously trapped in the tiger’s clutches. With his enormous paws wrapped around the pup, he pulls him in towards his razor sharp teeth. I was terrified, but I had to keep watching.

Suddenly, the dog frees himself and does something that defies logic: He runs right up to the tiger — and gives him a kiss!

What looks like a vicious attack on a helpless dog by this jungle cat is actually just playtime between two best buds! While this tiger may look like he is out for blood, all he is really interested in is a good snuggle. In fact, it’s the dog that does most of the attacking!

We have seen lots of videos of unlikely animal friendships, like this video of a white-tailed deer and his budding friendship with a Siberian lynx, or this monkey who falls in love with a litter of newborn puppies, but this one is simply amazing. The terrier is playful and wild as he jumps all over the the tiger, who is gentle and calm and pulls the puppy close for some cuddling.

This is truly a beautiful friendship between two unlikely companions!

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