They Tilt The Streets Of San Francisco To Make This Exciting Viral Dance Video


This fantastically fun music video featuring the streets and hills of sunny San Francisco will have you dancing sideways, too!

The streets of San Francisco are infamous for how steep they all are. While they don’t have the steepest streets in the world, they’re certainly a decent contender for that title. Filbert Street has a maximum gradient of 17.5 degrees!

Using some good old fashioned camera trickery filmmaker Ross Ching along with the talented young dancer, Karen Cheng, suddenly makes it appear as if the hills are flat, and it’s the people who are standing sideways! Tilting the streets of San Francisco resulted in some pretty hilarious footage, like when a juggler drops his ball, and suddenly it starts to roll away! This sudden change in gravity is pretty weird to watch, and it certainly starts to play with your head!

At the 1:09 mark, when Cheng suddenly goes from standing at a “slant” to standing “upright,” it really messed with our heads. The filmmaker stated, “The hardest part was coming up with ideas that made the gravity illusion look good.”

Apparently they tried lots of things; but balloons got blown away, pouring water wasn’t visible for the camera, and moonwalking always ended up looking strange.

Along with the exciting song, “Don’t Feel Like Dancing” by the Scissor Sisters, this video will make you want to get up and dance, sideways or otherwise.

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