Toby Keith Invites 93-Year-Old Veteran On Stage


When Toby Keith was finished with his most recent concert in Charlotte, he decided he wanted to welcome a very special and much-honored guest onto the stage during his encore.

As the music eventually ended, 93-year-old Lt. Col. Harry Frizzell suddenly showed up on the big screen. And when you look into his eyes you’ll see the vast amount of appreciation and pride he has for the huge audience who is cheering for him and his service to our country.

The concert seems to be finished, but then Frizzell asks for the microphone in a sudden showing of confidence that only someone who has been in uniform could truly have.

The brave veteran explained to the gigantic stadium, tears welling in his eyes, and voice beginning to get choked up, that he served in WWII, Korea, and even Vietnam. This three war veteran served for 35 years but at the end of the day there’s one thing that he feels more than anything else: “I’m so proud to be representing America.” he said, before the audience went crazy with applause.

Even the cowboy-figure Toby Keith had to turn away from the crowd as tears of honor filled his eyes. Just standing near to this brave man filled him with such emotion that he couldn’t keep from crying. What an amazing video featuring a man from America’s greatest generation, and one of the greatest country music superstars of our era!

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