This Toddler Playing With 16 Puppies Is Having The Best Day Ever


Is there anything cuter than a tiny puppy? How about 16 little ones attacking you with kisses?

The little boy in this next video probably doesn’t know it, but he might just be the luckiest kid on the planet. There’s really nothing that can compare to some puppy therapy, and the adorable 4-year-old featured in this video is about to get the biggest dose possible.

Since 1998, Dag Christer Lie and his wife Liv Irene have been breeding puppies out of their home in Norway. Known as Kingwanas, the breeders specialize in Basenjis, a breed of hunting dogs that hail from South Africa, so they’re also known to some as African bush dogs. Bansenjis grow to a smaller–medium size as adults, but the little guys in this next video are only about 4–5 weeks old. They come from three different litters, and the family wrote on YouTube that there’s plenty of love in their home to go around for each and every one of them.

The puppies are awfully cute, but there’s no denying that Dag and Liv’s son is the star of this sweet video. The way the pups just tackle him with love made me melt! If you loved this video, check out this great one of the same Basenjis and little boy rocking out to Michael Jackson!

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