They Told Her To Abort The Baby…Instead, She Performed A Miracle.


At just 2 feet, 6 inches tall, Rosemarie Siggins is the smallest mother in the world. She’s a true medical miracle and an inspiration for anyone who feels like life is a struggle.

Rose suffers from sacral agenisis and had the lower half of her body removed when she was two years old. As a child, she found her prosthetic legs to be too painful and began using a skateboard to get around. She says it’s the “difference between feeling trapped and feeling free” to Closer Magazine. When Rose was a teenager, she worried she would never find love or be able to have a family, but that all changed when Rose, who worked as an auto mechanic, met Dave Siggins, who worked at the auto parts shop she frequently used.

The pair fell in love, got married and amazingly conceived a child. Doctors advised Rose to abort the baby, since pregnancy can cause deadly complications for a woman with her condition. Rose went against her doctors orders and now has two healthy children, Luke and Shelby. Rose says her kids love having the shortest mom in the world and their friends thinks she’s cool because she rides a skateboard.

And what makes this story even cooler? Rose is so extraordinary that television producers took notice, and cast her as “Legless Suzi” in this season’s hit FX show, American Horror Story!

“People stare at something they don’t understand. Because we’re different doesn’t mean we’re entirely different. We’re like you, we just come in different forms. I kinda like that way I am, I would never change it. I couldn’t imagine myself being, I guess what everybody calls normal cause this is my normal.”

Check out Rose’s incredible story, she’s sure to amaze you and make you remember to be grateful for all YOU have in life!

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