This Touching Christmas Video Made The Whole World Think


EDEKA is a German company with more than 250,000 employees. Two years ago, they published a Christmas video on the web, which gave the whole world a chance to think with its message.

The video is in German language, but even if you do not understand German, you will understand the essence of the clip.

During Christmas, many thoughts are about shopping for the perfect gifts to give our loved ones. Unfortunately, at the same time, people are forgetting what the true meaning of Christmas is.

These are the days when you should spend your time with your family, and at the same time this is the best gift that has an invaluable value. The time we give to our dearest is the best gift they can receive. It is simply not possible to buy it, and nothing can give us back all the lost opportunities from the past.

Take a look at the moving EDEKA Christmas clip, with which they showed the whole world how things should look like in Christmas time.

Let’s share this among friends so that they will also find out what is the best Christmas present!

Source: klipland



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