Touching Short Film About Friendship


A hospital patients who suffers from a serious illness will get familiar with his or her surroundings over time. After spending months walking the same halls each day and eating the same food for each meal, he or she will get comfortable with the lifestyle – whether that’s something they want to admit or not. What’s important for a long-term hospital patient is companionship, and spending time with people who care about you but also people who can relate to your day-to-day struggles.

Below, two patients, one blinded and one with an unspecified serious illness, have come to like each other after spending enough time in adjacent beds. To pass the time, the blind patient asks his friend to look out the window and describe everything he can see. So, each day the man tells his friend about the people he sees and all their little adventures. But one day the older man goes in for surgery and doesn’t come back. When the patient asks the nurse to look out the window for him, he is met with a surprising reality.
Watch the short film below and be sure to let us know what you thought about it.


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