Tourists Capture a Crazy Avalanche from Lake Kapuche in Nepal


In recent days, videos of tourists walking in the mountains of Nepal have appeared on the Internet.

The avalanche descended from the nearest mountain, and the snow of the mountains reached the lake next to it, so the tourists soon had to flee.

Naren32 Rana,Youtube

In recent days, a group of tourists saw a huge avalanche descending from the mountains along Lake Kahpuch at an altitude of 2,546 meters (8,353 feet). The author of the video slept on the shore of the lake with friends, and the next day they saw an avalanche.

He added that the surrounding area was first filmed when an avalanche was already visible in the background. Fortunately, everyone accepted him unharmed, and in the end he took care of the rainbow over the avalanche lake.

The Capuche Glacier is located near the small village of Cycles in Cascade County and is considered the lowest glacier. See what a crazy moment Nepalese travelers have seen.



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