Town In Australia Is Overrun With Tons Of Pesky Tumbleweeds


Remember the old excuse you’d try to use as a kid to get out of bath time? “Why get clean when I’m just going to get dirty all over again?” I know I pulled that one out on more than one occasion growing up! Of course, we eventually learned that personal hygiene is something everyone should take seriously. Now imagine if your daily routine took you 8 hours to complete, only to have to start it all over again the very next day.

That’s exactly what residents of this small town in Victoria, Australia, are battling, but instead of their own bodies, it’s happening in their backyards… and front yards, garages, patios, and anywhere else this pesky grass can find its way into. It’s called “hairy panic,” which seems more than appropriate given the volume of this tumbleweed filling up every crevice in Wangaratta.

It’s like watching the old Steve McQueen horror classic, The Blob, only it might cause your allergies to act up a little more than that gooey substance. My nose is itching just watching the video as they try to rein in the fibrous strands. Apparently, it’s caused by a neglected farm near the community on top of the antipodes experiencing an unusually dry summer this year.

Hopefully nature will run its course soon and they won’t have to deal with this aggravating agricultural issue much longer. I know I wouldn’t want to spend all my time out in the heat trying to take care of this mess!

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