Trainer And Her Dog Show Off Obedience Training Through Synchronized Dance


This dynamic duo takes the stage for a freestyle portion of a dog show in Moscow, Russia. The woman has taught her dog to dance following a series of hand commands, and together they perform a synchronized piece. It’s amazing to see just how much our canine companions can accomplish with a devoted trainer!

Obedience training of this sort may seem patronizing or unfair to the dog in some ways – some people argue that excessive training is the equivalent of a human treating a dog like a toy. On the contrary, this kind of obedience training does absolute wonders for highly intelligent breeds, but also serves as a great way for human and dog to bond.

Many breeds are notorious for being a bit too smart for their own good. Have you ever met a Border Collie, German Shepherd, or Australian Shepherd puppy? If so, you know exactly what I’m talking about. These highly intelligent dogs need to be given tasks that provide mental stimulation, otherwise they often get bored and become destructive. Training a dog to do tricks gives them challenging tasks to accomplish all while allowing them to earn praise and treats in the process! When you train a dog in obedience, you’re giving it quality attention and focus; our canine companions love to spend time with us, especially when we give them undivided attention.

The woman and her dog in the video below clearly have a very special connection; the dog keeps his eyes focused on her the whole time! They’re an adorable duo, and they immediately stole my heart with this delightful routine. Were you as impressed as I was? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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