She Transformed Her Boring Backyard Into A Private Fairytale!


When I was a little girl, one of my recurring fantasies was my very own secret garden. Obviously inspired by the timeless classicThe Secret Garden, I often dreamt of owning a key to my very own private paradise.

But unfortunately, that dream was never realized, and as a result, I was simply forced to rent the movie over and over again (much to my parents’ chagrin).

However, one very lucky little girl just received the gift of a lifetime, one that brings all of my childhood fantasies right back to life — and it’s better than Iever imagined!

When mom and crafter Rachael, of ChloeBellBoutique, decided to build her daughter a birthday surprise, she knew it would have to be very special, one that would enchant her for years to come.

I can only imagine the look on her daughter’s face when she saw this!

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When Rachael began to plan for her daughter’s birthday, she knew she wanted to make something special, something that couldn’t be purchased in stores. Looking to create a space in which her daughter could dream and wonder, Rachael turned to their backyard.


Rachael and her hubby first got started by building a retaining wall and a chain link fence around the perimeter. They then planted grass seed and cleared some trees.


Finally, when the yard was ready, it was time to build their daughter’s birthday surprise. Uninterested in having a playhouse in her backyard, Rachael decided to build something a little more exciting and secretive.


In the corner of the yard, atop the freshly mulched land beyond the retaining wall, they planted some shrubs, tied green lattice to the chain link fence, and installed an adorable gate.


After giving her a DVD of The Secret Garden and her own special key to the gate, they led their daughter to her birthday surprise.


Beyond the gate, Rachael’s daughter found a gorgeous little secret all for her…



It was her own private garden!


Within the cozy, enclosed space, their lucky little girl found tons of adorable touches, like this working fountain. Here, Rachael’s son enjoys exploring his big sister’s fun attractions.


The little fairy garden was another magical surprise that any active imagination would love to have.


There was even an enchanting checkerboard built right into the grass, with hand-painted ladybug and bumble bee pieces!


Rachael didn’t overlook a single detail. Even the handmade bench had a secret compartment, perfect for stashing personal momentos and toys!


When nighttime falls, the secret garden turns into a glowing, magical oasis. With the shrubs short enough for Rachael to see over, but tall enough for privacy, the kids can play here long after the sun sets.


Wouldn’t your inner child love to spend hours in this secret sanctuary?


This is one birthday Rachael’s daughter is sure to remember forever!


Would you love to have your very own secret garden? What would you include inside? Let us know in the comments below!


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