The Twins Start To Say A Prayer, But Keep Your Eyes On The One On The Right…


Growing up, I always wished that I had a twin. While it may be double the trouble for parents, there is no denying how awesome it must be to grow up with someone always by your side.

we can’t get enough of the wonderful twin videos floating around the web. The first time I saw this video of adorable twins taking a bath, I just lost it…and the fun only continues as they grow older and become true individuals.

Twins have such an incredible bond from the moment they are born that lasts for an entire lifetime. I bet every parent of twins would agree that two is always better than one. In this video, we see a father who is definitely going to appreciate his little girls’ adorable antics for many years to come.

Dad asks his two precious little girls to recite “The Lord’s Prayer” for the camera, but just like everything else with toddlers, it doesn’t go as smoothly as he would have liked.

When these two cutie-pies start to recite the “Our Father,” I was taken right back to my days as a young Catholic school girl. If you have similar memories, you are going to love this video, too!

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