Two Girls Were Sick Of All The Sexism In Music Videos, So They Came Up With A BRILLIANT Response.


Maddie and Tae are two gorgeous 18-year-old country singers, shaking up Nashville and everything redneck. However, they want you to know them for their talent, not their bikini bodies and pretty hair.

The teen duo are topping charts with their smash hit. “Girl In A Country Song.” It’s a country anthem that flips every other country anthem upside down, because it speaks in the voice of a woman sick of all the wolf whistles and sexist lines in what people call “bro-country” songs all over the radio.

Maddie, from Texas, and Tae, from Oklahoma, both grew up dreaming of Nashville fame and met through a vocal coach. They want to be a duo that girls can look up to, so they made the following hilarious video for Girl, which proves they aren’t just talented and pretty… they’re smart and funny too. It’s clear that this dynamic duo is definitely doing something right!

Check out the catchy hit, which perfectly proves that young women aren’t just good for shaking their short shorts and riding shot gun in the pick-up truck. While the country boys are checking these two out, they’ll be busy taking over the radio!

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