Unclogging Your Toilet Without A Plunger


In the event that you find yourself standing over a clogged toilet with no plunger in sight, don’t fret, because the folks at build.com have discovered a quick and simple method to unclog a toilet. All you need is dish soap, a bucket of hot water, and a little bit of time. Build is a website dedicated to making home improvement easier, no matter which room in the house needs fixing. Their YouTube channel features many helpful videos showing how to unclog your garbage disposal and eliminate carpet odor, among other tips.

In the video below, Brett walks you through a three-step process of unclogging your toilet. Step One is to add a hefty serving of dish soap into the toilet bowl. Step Two is simply waiting, because over time the soap will seep into the clog and help things move along. After waiting for about twenty minutes, you add a bucket of hot water into the toilet and watch as the clog slowly works its way down the pipes. Finally, flush the toilet to ensure that nothing else is stuck.

This is surely a handy hint for everyone to add to their arsenal. What do you think? Will you give this a shot? Not only does it help solve the clog, but it also leaves you with a clean toilet bowl. Let us know what you thought about this in the comments below and make sure to share this video on Facebook!




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