Unresponsive Man Living In Nursing Home Has Incredible Breakthrough


We all know that indescribable feeling music gives us. Something transcendent happens when you’re wrapped in the beautiful waves of sound; you’re transported to places you’ve never been. Henry Dryer may know this better than anyone. Dryer, a nursing home resident for over ten years, was 92 years old when this video was filmed. His family had to endure the pain of watching Dryer deteriorate under the power of dementia.

For as long as nursing staff members can remember, Dryer had been unresponsive. In the video, he’s described as “unalive.” When neurologists pay a visit to Dryer’s residence, they introduce music into their time spent interacting with him. As soon as the headphones are placed over his ears, Dryer literally lights up. It’s like he becomes a new person…but the person he’s becoming is his true self, the one that hasn’t come out in years. Listening to Dryer talk after he had the headphones on is like night and day. His words about music, love, and life pierced me right in the heart.
The incredible discovery of music and the impact it has on those suffering from dementia is monumental. Dryer’s story has been made into a documentary, alongside other cases in which the responsive state of Alzheimer’s patients was improved via music. Watch the amazing video below and share what you think about this in the comments section!


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