Little Kid Makes Up Her Own Lullaby To Help Newborn Baby Fall Asleep


Introducing your child to their newborn sibling can be a stressful experience. Parents are often unsure about whether the older child will be jealous or will immediately be thrilled about the new addition to the family.Some introductions are absolutely precious, and they are the first page in a story about the strong bond of siblings.

Lyla was only a toddler when she met her baby sister, Kennedy for the first time. Immediately, her family knew that Lyla would be a wonderful big sister. Once little Kennedy was placed in Lyla’s arms, the big sister began to sing the most adorable lullaby to her. Lyla sang so quietly that some of the words could not be made out.However, the song, which was captured on video, has a beautiful melody and is sung in the most loving tone.

After Lyla sang her made-up lullaby to Kennedy, the big sister began listing all of the people in the world who already love her. She ends this very long list with, “You and me.”

The video is proving to be a big hit on the internet, with currently over 22,000 views on Youtube

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