Use A Battery And A Gum Wrapper To Make A Clever Survival Technique


YouTuber Grant Thompson, better known as the The King of Random, hosts a channel full of insightful experiments, projects, and valuable life hacks. His ever-helpful videos often provide easy ways to perform tasks many have no idea how to approach. This video walks through a simple trick to quickly start a fire using a few very common household items: a battery, scissors, and a gum wrapper.

This method works by connecting the currents on either side of a battery via the use of the metallic side of a gum wrapper, causing the middle of the wrapper to burst into flame. YouTube channel “HouseholdHacker” performed the same trick and advised those interested to use a AA battery, as that will ignite the reaction best. The lining from inside a cigarette pack can also be used in place of a gum wrapper, but it’s important to cut the ignition strips to be around 2mm in width to ensure they will catch fire.

This fire-starting trick has been deemed a “prison lighter,” a concept made even more popular from its appearance on the hit TV show “Orange Is The New Black.” Despite the colloquial name, this “lighter” can be used for anything from starting campfires outdoors to lighting decorative candles inside. The value that this video provides has been proven from its immense success on YouTube. Since being uploaded, the short clip has accumulated over seven million views.

This method is just one of the many ways to start a fire in the absence of a lighter or matches. While Thompson makes the trick look surprisingly easy, it’s important to practice safety and use proper supervision when attempting the method. Thompson advises viewers to wear gloves, as the ends of the battery can grow increasingly hot in a matter of seconds.

Practice fire safety and try this at your own risk. Tell us what you think in the comments below after you’ve watched the video.



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