Victim Of Deadly Car Crash Shares Her Story And Heartbreaking X-Ray


Aimee Eckert, formerly known as Aimee Bishop, is on a mission to exhort the public on the dangers of texting while driving. Eckert knows better than most just how deadly a single text can be when written while operating a vehicle. In April 2011, Eckert was a victim of a horrific car accident in Uriah, Ala., involving herself and a texting driver, as Fox19 reports.

According to the report in the video, the driver that hit Eckert swerved into her lane at an estimated speed of 75 mph and hit Eckert’s vehicle head on. Fox19 explains that freeing Eckert from the wreckage was far from smooth, as it took emergency staff over an hour to extract her from the demolished car. Further complications ensued on the way to the hospital. Fox19 describes that Eckert lost a significant amount of blood and “had to be resuscitated four times” in the helicopter.

It took four months of recovery in the hospital before Eckert could be released, Fox19 notes. In the video, Eckert explains that her limbs are riddled with pieces of metal. Eckert’s many scars and amputated left leg are visible on camera. An image of Eckert’s X-ray following the accident is also included in the news segment, as reporters explain Eckert was six months pregnant when her vehicle was struck. The baby did not survive the accident.

A couple of years after the tragic event, Eckert began making it her personal goal to encourage people not to text and drive. According to World Now, Eckert is newly married and working at a new job, while her advocacy and story continue to inspire countless individuals to put down the phone while driving.

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