Video Proves Dogs Love Water Sports Just As Much As People


Summer is fully upon us, so what better way to cool off than take a dip in the pool? Heck, bring your dog too, because if there’s one thing to be learned from the video below it’s that dog enjoy water sports just as much as the next guy. We’ve got some video proof to back that claim, as well.

Need proof? Try watching what happens when you set up an inflatable water slide for the neighborhood kids and your dog ends up repeatedly cutting the line. And if you’ve never seen what happens when you bring a dog to the beach, look no further. But the sweetest pups are the ones in the following video.

Below, find a compilation of some of the Internet’s funniest pups winning us over with their love of all things water-related. Watch a litter of poodle puppies sink a pool ship adorably and paddle away. Watch a number of pups of all shapes and sizes find serenity in their poolside paradise. Look on as a pup races two little girls to find out who’s the fastest among them. These dogs are proof that pups are just as goofy in their poolside manner as kids. Puppies for all!

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