Videographer Captures Three Adorable Owl Babies


Earlier this week, videographer Erin Hull made her way to the Colorado College Flammulated Owl research project in Colorado. What she encountered is easily one of the most adorable things you’ll see today.

Hull is a staff photographer at the Coloradoan, for whom she was on assignment when she met the baby Flammulated Owls in the video below. They had apparently just been weighed (likely, light as a feather) by a group of research students from Colorado College and she says the feathered triplets were “bobbing” on the branch while checking out their spectators. To get an idea of how small these sweet little ones actually are, keep your eye on when she reaches out her hand. They’re tiny.

“They were about the size of my palm,” she writes over at the Coloradoan. “I spent the majority of my time with them giggling.” (And I mean, who can blame her?)

Move over, puppies, it look like there’s a new bird on the adorable animals beat. What with some of our favorite animal videos of baby animals including this one and another of Kuu the screech owl getting a head message, it’s probably safe to assume there’ll be more where this came from.

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