Wait Until You Hear Who This 2-Year-Old Says Is His Best Friend… My Heart Melted!


They say friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we find companionship with our pets, sometimes with our peers. Other times, friendships transcend even decades of age difference. This is one such example.

For 2-year-old Deacon Ross, his first friendship was made with an unlikely but familiar face at his home: hisgarbage man. When asked who his best friend is, Deacon replies, “O.D.” without much hesitation. In the video below, we catch a glimpse at their special bond on O.D.’s last ride by the Ross household. Deacon’s family is adding another little one to the bunch and they’ll be relocating to a larger home. If Deacon has his way, baby brother will have the name O.D. too. And as a parting gift, the family put together a basket of treats and memories of him to remember them.

This story was a perfect example of the unique code in each one of our friendships, and it reminded us of another incredible team, a World War II veteran and his young neighbor. After Erling Kindem moved from his house into a group home, regular visits between Kindem and his 4-year-old pal Emmett continued. These two stories just go to show that age is just a number.

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