Wait Until You Hear These Dachshund Puppies Respond To The ‘Law & Order’ Theme… Adorable!


We all know that feeling of anticipation leading up to an episode of our favorite show – especially if you’re a Law & Orderfan (guilty as charged — all you have to hear are those first two notes of the intro and you know what you’re in for).

So it only stands to reason that while you’re on a TV binge of your favorite television show, your pet picks up on recurring themes as well. I’d argue that’s certainly the case with the pups below — two dachshund doggies that catch a cue from the show’s intro and immediately begin singing along. And once they start? There’s no stopping these adorable babies from getting all riled about a whole lot of nothin’. But don’t you worry, because their owners were nice enough to scoop them into their arms and reassure them that everything’s fine.

These adorable fur babies reminded us of another set of sweet pups we saw last week, who created quite the adorable ruckus after one began singing and his brother joined in. These howlers were basset hounds, so they were a little louder than the little ones below, but adorable all the same! And any dog owner will surely appreciate the audible enthusiasm.

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