While On A Walk, An Armed Man Shoots And Kills Their Dog


Carol Feldhaus was visiting her daughter for Christmas. One morning, she took Fynn, the dog, and her four-year-old grandson out for a walk. When they encountered a stranger on a narrow footbridge, the morning turned tragic. Despite being asked to wait for them to cross, the stranger and his dog walked onto the bridge, resulting in a confrontation between the two dogs. The stranger then pulled out a gun, and shot Fynn, leaving Carol and her grandson confused and traumatized.

The stranger told Carol he was an undercover police officer, protecting his own dog.  It was later revealed that the man was in fact, an FBI agent. A statement from the Federal Bureau of Investigations was released later that afternoon:

There was an FBI Agent involved in an incident in Glen Burnie this morning. Initial information is that an approximately 180 pound dog broke free from the woman walking it along a footpath near Hopkins Corner and attacked a much smaller dog. An Agent shot and killed the larger dog. No one else was hurt. We are working jointly with Anne Arundel County PD, as well as the Inspection Division from FBI Headquarters to investigate. This is an ongoing matter, and will have more information as soon as we gather more details.

While the desire to protect your own dog is understandable, the actions taken by the FBI officer are difficult to accept. Many dog owners know that having dogs encounter each other for the first time in a confined space can be precarious. Carol, who might not have had full confidence in her ability to control Fynn, took precaution in asking the stranger to wait until they have finished crossing the foot bridge. The agent chose to ignore her, and Fynn and his family are left with the consequences.

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