He Walks Over To The Pool, But Keep Your Eyes On The Dog Behind Him…


After a long, cold winter in the Northeast, I’ve never been more ready for warm weather!

The sun is out, flowers are beginning to blossom, birds are chirping and our pets finally get the chance to play outside again. I thought I had bad cabin fever all winter, but once I take a look at my dogs, I realize how necessary a little fresh air really is.

Getting outside with our pets is also a really great opportunity for us to bond with them and teach them a few new things. As you can see with this hilarious golden retriever, there are countless things you can do outside with your dog, as long as you remember to make sure they stay hydrated.

Since dogs have so much fur, we often forget how hot they get in the sun. They usually never pass up an opportunity to cool off when they get the chance, whether it’s in the sprinklers like this happy dog, an ocean, a lake, or a pool. However, as you can see in the next hysterical video, some dogs just can’t resist the opportunity to have some fun with their owners in the pool, too…

You can’t help but laugh at what happens in this video!

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