She Wanted To Take A Relaxing Shower. What Her Cats Do? I’m Dying!!!


I’ve never met a cat who enjoyed getting wet. One surefire way to get a cat to hate you forever is by simply trying to bathe them. Every cat owner knows how that goes…

That is exactly why my jaw dropped when I saw the following video. YouTube user “fstopfitzgerald” posted the following video to their page and explained that every time Sharron gets in the shower, chaos erupts in their household.

The couple’s two Siamese cats don’t do privacy. These two are worse than toddlers, and they will apparently stop at nothing to get close to their mom.

In the hysterical video, Sharron is trying to enjoy her special alone time, when the twins run in and start whining. They treat Sharron’s bathroom like a playground, running all over the place for attention and crying like someone stomped on their tails.

Have you ever seen cats act like this before?! Please SHARE if you love cats, but think this video is crazy!




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