Watch An Adorable Chow Chow Attempt To Take His Cat Friend For A Walk


We all know how the old trope, right? Dogs are man’s best friend, and the friendlier of four-legged companions. Cats, by contrast, are the disaffected and conniving of the two — the ones who knock your stuff off of counters repeatedly and generally spend the majority of their time sleeping (or so the stereotype would have you believe).

For instance, if a Chris Cohen parody video of a sneaky cat we posted recently is any indication, those cat and dog narratives ring true for most pet owners. Another good example is the video below, wherein we watch an adorable chow chow try to walk his cat — to absolutely no avail.

According the video’s owner, Faya and Ewok are the closest of companions, so we should probably assume what Ewok tries to pull off was done in the most loving way possible. Faya is wearing a kitty harness and leash for a walk, lounging on the floor, when Ewok decides he’d like to try something he himself enjoys. Grabbing the leash in his mouth, he gently pulls the line along, attempting to rouse Faya into being walked. Faya, naturally, wants no part of this adventure, but it makes for an adorable struggle regardless.

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