Watch This Husky Be The Perfect Babysitter For A Tiny Baby


Regular Worthy Tales readers are already well aware that our four-legged friends sometimes make the best babysitters. But for any newcomers, we’d like to share something adorable to reaffirm that very thing.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s great to have an animal around who’s well acclimated to children, particularly when they’re toddlers or infants. It’s easy to forget that babies don’t mean to hit and pull — it’s simply a way of learning. But if animals aren’t prepared for a needy little one, it may not be the best pairing. However we have video evidence of a Siberian husky as the perfect playmate for his 7-month-old baby. And while we all love the sound of a child’s laughter, the ultimate in toddler happiness came to us recently in a video of a tot snuggling up to her dog while the pooch doles out some kisses.

And the below video is another such example of excellent animal babysitting. We watch — perhaps a little hesitantly, at first — as a curious baby crawls toward the family’s husky. And you wouldn’t be faulted for assuming that massive animal would take little interest in entertaining the whims of an infant. But when you see what he does at 15 seconds in? You’ll be an animal babysitter believer.

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