Watch Simon And Garfunkel’s Final Performance Of “Bridge over Troubled Water”


Every once in a while a song will be made that leaves the rest of the world utterly speechless. In the early 1970′s America was at a crossroads, the Vietnam war was dying down and the world still seemed to be in upheaval. The fear of total world destruction due to nuclear weapons was a very real possibility. People just weren’t sure of anything anymore, and everyone was just so tired.

It was in this troubled climate that singer/songwriter duo Simon and Garfunkel produced their fifth studio album, Bridge over Troubled Water. The album’s namesake song was released as a single in early 1970, and from that moment on it became an instant legend.

Featuring a combination of gospel music with folk and rock, this beautiful song ended up to win 13 Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and even Song of the Year. It became their biggest hit single and remained on top of Billboard’s top 100 for six weeks straight. Since then, a wide assortment of other famous musicians have covered the iconic song, further solidifying its importance.

The song is inspiring and hopeful despite its mournful atmosphere. The world seemed doomed in those days, but sometimes all it takes is a song to tell you that, even though the water below is lashing in anger and fear, so long as the bridge holds, you will eventually make it across to the other side.

Though the duo broke up that same year, they came back for reunion tours every once in a while. In the video below, you can watch the famous singers join together to sing their most important song for the last time together. The video begins with Garfunkel singing his famous high notes, only to be supported by his lifelong friend and sometimes enemy, Paul Simon.

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