Watch This Single Mother With Four Jobs Get A Series Of Stunning Christmas Surprises!


Megan Curran is a single mother of three children. She works four jobs to make ends meet, but it’s a struggle. Like Undercover Boss’s Angel, Megan was in need of a break. That’s why Give Back Films and Next Sense decided to load Megan’s Christmas up with a ton of surprises. It all starts when one of the crew shows up at Megan’s door. They tell her they’re going to take her and her children on a shopping spree, then out to dinner. Megan is floored at just the thought of that — who wouldn’t be? Little did she know that there would be a huge surprise waiting for her at home.

A crew of volunteers completely revamped Megan’s home. They put in a new security system, dishwasher, microwave, bathroom mirror and did a few repairs. They added Christmas decorations and a tree, new lights…the whole nine yards. But there was one thing that Megan had always wanted that will seem so simple to most: a dining table. The table, for Megan, was a way for the family to sit down and have a meal together.

While a table might seem like just another piece of furniture, we all too often forget what it really means: a dinner table is where we shut off the phones, tablets, and TVs, and spend time with our families. When Megan sees the table, she completely collapses in shock and gratitude. See the wonderful moment below.

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