He Watches Helplessly As Hungry Polar Bear Approaches His Dogs. Moments Later, He Can’t Believe His Eyes


Brain Ladoon is a Canadian living on the shores of the Hudson Bay. He has a property where he lives with his 150 dogs. It’s a relatively safe place for him and the dogs, save for the threat of polar bears that often come near the place looking for food.

For one, you realize that a bear and a dog can’t get along. They’re both territorial, so you wouldn’t really expect things to end so well if the two met anywhere. Well, this clip will give you another perspective.

One day, the dogs were chained up outside and Brian was in the house, and then he looked out the window and saw a huge bear walking into the property. The big creature first dealt with some crates looking for something to eat, and then it turned and headed straight into the main yard. Brian assumed the worst. This thing was going to kill all his dogs! The dogs started barking!

Well, you’ll need to watch this clip to see what really happened. It’s a happy ending!



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