When The Owner woke him From a Nightmare, The Dog Immediately Smiled


The real hit on YouTube was a video about a dog named Marley who has a nightmare in his sleep.

At the same time, he was awakened by the owner, and his dog quickly flew around the world in response, impressing many animal lovers.

Plastic Ivory,Youtube

The owner of the dog, Marley, said he had a nightmare while sleeping, so he decided to gently wake him up. His fears vanished immediately and the reaction of many viewers moved him.

The housewife touched him and he smiled sincerely that he was now safe. Together with the video, the owner wrote that everyone loves Marly’s dogs.

The video has already been a huge hit on YouTube, with over 12 million views to date. When you see the dog’s reaction, your heart will also play when the owner wakes him up from the nightmare.



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