Wife Chooses To Lose Life So That Her Children May Live


Your wedding day should be a day of happiness. You’re surrendering yourself to be one with your significant other for the rest of your life. Every decision you make from that point on is a decision that will not only affect your life but your spouse’s life as well. You want to make sure you can keep that union going for as long as you can.

The only thing that may be a more impactful event in one’s life is the birth of a child. Instead of joining with another adult, you are now bringing someone into the world. This is someone who cannot defend himself, and needs you to watch out for him. You must make choices now that watch out for him above all else.

But what happens if the decisions you make for your child come into direct conflict with the idea of spending a long life with your spouse? This is exactly what happened to Ashley Bridges. After being diagnosed with cancer, she passed on chemotherapy. The reason why is that she was also pregnant at the time, and she would be unable to give birth if she had to go through with the treatment.

She had never planned a dream wedding as a child. One month after getting engaged, they realized that they would need to move the wedding up because of the cancer. So the two of them rushed into a beautiful union, and even though they would not have much more time together, they would have this moment.



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