After His Wife Died Giving Birth, This Heartbroken Father Did The UNTHINKABLE!


When a child is born, it’s supposed to be the happiest moment of any parent’s life, but sometimes unexpected complications can happen in the delivery room.

Just hours after Carlos Morales’ wife Erica delivered healthy quadruplets, tragedy struck. Erica went into hypovolemic shock, an emergency condition involving massive blood loss, and died on Jan. 16 — before she even had a chance to hold her newborns in her arms.

Carlos was left alone to raise their four babies: three girls, Tracy, Paisley, and Erica, and one boy, Carlos Jr. Although he could have lost all hope, he decided to rise above his heartbreak, embracing the four little miracles that God had given him.

“These babies don’t know yet what blessings they have given me. They have given me four reasons to live,” Carlos told PEOPLE in their latest issue.

With the help of Erica’s mom and his close family and friends, Carlos is playing both mother and father to his beautiful babies. And, with Erica watching down on her entire family, these babies are definitely going to have an amazing life and always know how much their mother loves them. God bless Carlos’ dedication as a father and all four of his beloved bundles of joy!

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