Witness the First Ever Live Video of an Orangutan Giving Birth to Her Baby


The birthing process is miraculous to watch, no matter whether it is a human or animal birth. Although Orangutans have been studied for many years, most people have never been able to witness the birth of a new little one. Thankfully, the folks at Durrell Wildlife Conversation Trust were able to perfectly capture this precious video for the world to be able to witness a new Orangutan birth.


As you watch this video, you will be absolutely amazed at how calmly this new mother delivers her little one. As her natural instinct takes over, she quickly goes to work on caring for her baby and getting her clean. This exclusive video allows everyone to experience the beauty of a miraculous birth. When the new mother brings her baby forward to show her off, your heart will swell with joy. After seeing this video, you will be even more grateful to your mother, for what she went through in bringing you into this world. Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can see it!




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