Wolf Winters Sings “Silence” in an Unusually Deep Voice


The Voice Australia show was attended by a special listener who took control of a wide network with his voice.

At the end of the presentation, none of the judges who still had free seats did not want to choose him in their group, which forced Judge Guy Sebastian to break the rules.

The end of listening to The Voice Australia 2020 was a real drama when Wolf Winters showed his singing talent. He sang the song “Quiet Sound” on stage and amazed many with his deep voice.

The Voice Australia.Youtube

Ignoring his outstanding productivity and talent, none of the judges appealed to him, so only a few places remained. At the end of the play, a real drama unfolded – judge Guy Sebastian pressed a button, although he did not have free space on the team.

Listen to the wonderful voice seduced by the judge at Australia Voice 2020. Will Wolf Winters succeed with your talent?



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