Woman Carries Injured 50-POUND Pit Bull Down Mountain To Save His Life! This Is UNBELIEVABLE! I’m In Tears!


Not only is the beginning of this story unbelievable, but how it ends is absolutely heartwarming. I’m amazed!!! A woman named Andi Davis was hiking along an isolated mountain trail in Phoenix when she spotted an injured Pittie with bullet wounds. At first, she was hesitant to do anything — but the dog slowly raised his head and looked at her water bottle, and Andi knew she had to do something.

What she did was incredible. She gave him water — and then lifted his 47-pound body into her arms, and spent the next hour carrying him down the mountain. Is that not the most awe-inspiring act you’ve ever heard?

Once Andi and the dog reached the bottom of the mountain, her family rushed the dog to the human society. After naming him Elijah, they took him home and became his foster family. Elijah is now happy and healthy, living his second chance — all because of one incredibly brave, courageous and strong woman.

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