Woman Faints In Response To Her Boyfriend’s Marriage Proposal


Every time I see footage of a proposal, I wonder how people manage to not faint during them. It’s a nerve-wracking experience for everyone: not only does someone have to plan the proposal and go through with it, but friends and families have to keep the event a secret, and the prospective spouse is usually so taken aback by the question that he or she is speechless!

One woman named Brittany confirmed my suspicion that there have been, in fact, some women out there who have fainted after being proposed to. Her boyfriend Cameron Humfleett’s simple plan involved two surprises: one was the proposal itself, and the other was her surprise birthday party, which would also be the first-time gathering of both of their families.

Watch him lead her into the barn, where everyone is waiting. Then he takes off her blindfold, and when she sees everyone around her, she’s overcome with joy!

But Cameron isn’t done yet. He says that he “had to get her something.” So he gets down on one knee and asks Brittany to marry him… In response, she faints!

His poor girlfriend was probably already too overwhelmed by the first surprise.

Fifteen minutes later, she’s surrounded by the two families, and she finally says yes! I’m sure 15 minutes was a long time for Cameron to wait for an answer, but thankfully, Brittany wasn’t hurt!

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