Woman Gets The Surprise Of Her Life When Her Flight Lands At LAX


When you think about LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, long lines, crowds and endless shopping options probably come to mind. Romance? Not so much.

However, if you hang around long enough by the arrivals area, then you know that there are plenty of heartwarming moments just waiting to unfold. There’s really nothing like seeing someone you love waiting for you when you get off a long flight.

In the following video, we meet Malia, who is returning to LAX after visiting her family back home in Michigan. When Malia’s flight landed, she thought a friend would be there to pick her up, but instead she got the surprise of a lifetime.

Malia’s boyfriend Austin is a true romantic at heart and decided to plan the ultimate surprise, sending some friends with guitars to surprise his special lady with a beautiful song. As she follows the music — and her heart — she’s finally led to Austin, who finishes off the song he wrote for her. When she finally sees her man, he has the most precious gift waiting for her!

Since Austin and Malia spent a majority of their relationship living apart, the airport was definitely a fitting spot for this cute couple to make it official.

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