Woman Gives The Coat Off Her Back To A Stranded Teen


A teenager named Kinley went to a concert with her friend on a cold Virginia night. Like many teens fail to do, Kinley decided not to bring a jacket. She had no idea it would end up sparking a Facebook frenzy.

After the concert, the crowd rushed outside. Kinley was suddenly separated from her friend, who had Kinley’s phone, keys, and wallet. Unsure of where to go or what to do, the stranded teen saw a bus stop and decided to wait. There was Kinley, alone at night, wearing a tank top in sub-zero temperatures, without her valuables. That’s when a local mother named Felicia heard Kinley asking strangers for directions home.

Felicia was so worried about the stranded teen — and the fact she didn’t have a coat — that she literally took the coat off her own back and gave it to Kinley. Felicia waited for Kinley’s proper bus to arrive, put Kinley on it, talked the bus driver into letting her ride for free, and sent her on her way. The two strangers exchanged names, but nothing more.

So blown away by the act of kindness, Kinley took to Facebook to find this fairy Godmother. “I completely forgot to give this woman her coat back and give her the sincere thanks and utmost gratitude she deserves. This woman without knowing a single thing about me showed complete generosity, compassion and humanity. I have to find this woman and I won’t give up until I do.”

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