Woman Reunites With Dog After Car Accident Separates Them For 2 Months


Rose was driving her RV down the highway with her two dogs when her tire blew out, causing the vehicle to roll. Tragically, one of her dogs died at the scene. Her other dog, Ily, was thrown through the windshield. Ily survived, but was terrified and ran off, disappearing into the scalding Arizona desert.

Due to Rose’s injuries, she wasn’t physically able to search for Ily (short for “I Love You”) on her own — so her community banded together in the effort to locate and rescue her beloved dog.

Two months passed, and still no sign of Ily. Many assumed the worst at this point, but Rose never gave up hope that she was somewhere out there. Then, a miracle. For two months, an army of volunteers had been sitting in the desert near a baited cage and listening on a baby monitor for any signs of a dog. Finally, on the 65th night, they heard a bark on the monitor and spotted two dogs. One was Ily. The other was a stray dog who befriended Ily in the desert and helped keep her hope alive.

Considering she’d lost half her body weight and drank only water puddles for hydration, Ily managed to survive! She was generally unscathed and ecstatic to be back in Rose’s arms. Ily’s new canine companion was also rescued and named Buddy — how fitting for the dog who stuck by Ily’s side 🙂

Ily has since recovered, and she couldn’t be happier to be reunited with her loving mama. Watch the tear-jerking reunion below, and please SHARE this miraculous story with your friends on Facebook!



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