Woman Rubs Static All Over Her Fluffy White Dog, Then Hilarity Ensues


When your body is covered in fur, a little bit of static goes a long way — and you’re about to see the hilarious results.

Here, we have a little white pup relaxing on her chair. The second Mom begins petting and rubbing her fun using the soft blanket, I had a feeling where this was going. I mean, that’s a lot of static being built up. And the moment Mom stands up? Best laugh I’ve had in along time!

YouTube users have compared the hair-raising pup to a white porcupine, to a strange-looking Pokemon character, and even to a dog-pufferfish hybrid. Seriously, have you ever seen a goofier looking pup?

According to Angie’s List, static electricity occurs when air is dry and cold. You can reduce such shocks by putting moisture back into your pet’s environment. This can be done by bathing your pet with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, trading fleece blankets for other fabrics, and grooming with special ionic brushes.

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