Woman Started With $5 And Ended Up With Thousands


When Alysun Ogilby sat in her church, she was a bit surprised when the church began to hand out $5. Instead of asking for donations as the money plate began to be passed around, the church handed every single person in the congregation cold hard cash.

In this “reverse offering” the pastor had only one stipulation before they took the $5 bill: You had to bless someone. No other rules or regulations, just plain and simple you had to bless someone.

As Alysun looked into Lincoln’s eyes, she began to wonder what to do with the windfall. The single mother of two beautiful children had always had to struggle to make ends meet.

Cell phone bills, electric bills, credit card bills, just about every kind of bill you could think of always seemed to be due. The washing machine was busted again; there seemed to be too many options on what to do with that money.

But then she remembered the newspaper man. Every single Sunday morning; rain or shine, the paper man danced and sang as he handed people the news. He rode his bike every Sunday to that patch of grass near the interstate, and he always brought a smile to everyone’s face.

So instead of keeping that $5, she decided to see if she could raise some funds for this man who works so hard to make other people’s lives happy. She created a crowd-sourcing page and what started with a $5 blessing quickly turned into over $3,000 from people all over America!

Now that’s what we call a blessing!

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