Women Reveal What They Wish Their Gross Husbands Wouldn’t Do In This Hilarious ‘Family Feud’ Clip


Let’s face it, ladies! We love our men with all of our hearts, but they can be downright disgusting sometimes.

Marriage is all about making compromises and accepting each other’s differences. No one is perfect, and it’s pretty natural to let your loved one know when they’re really grinding your gears. In fact, couples that complain about one another regularly are more likely to last longer than those who keep their gripes to themselves.

The thing is, it’s OK to complain about your husband’s dirty little habits at home, but no one wants to be put on blast on national TV like this man! One of the best game shows on television, Family Feud has kept us laughing since the ’70s. However, the long-lasting daytime show has seen a recent boost in ratings all because of its hilarious front man: the one and only Steve Harvey.

Since Steve started hosting the show in 2010, the laughs have been never-ending…and for good reason! There’s no one on television who can turn an extremely awkward moment into a hilarious situation like he can!

In this clip, they polled 100 married women to find out what the ladies really wish their husbands didn’t feel so comfortable doing around them. When Steve has the ladies of one family answer this one, their responses had him in stitches, but there’s no denying his comebacks were simply priceless!

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