Yoga expert shows pose to help undo the damages of sitting


Technology has enabled modern humans to live sedentary lives, and for many people, the majority of the day is spent sitting in a chair. All that sitting causes back pain, bad posture, and a host of other ailments; and one time-tested way to combat all that is through yoga.

Doctors often speak of the importance of finding the correct chair and computer arrangement to optimize posture while at home or in the office. This guidance from the UCLA spine center exemplifies the advice many of us have received at work regarding the ideal way to set up a computer.

But a recent study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information looked into the question of the ideal chair, and found that “no chair consistently produced an ideal posture across all regions” and that “chair selection should be based on individual need.”

So with all the guidance out there, what should the office worker or delivery driver do who has to sit in a chair for most of the day?

In short, yoga, says the Huffington Post. The video below demonstrates an easy exercise you can use every day to improve your posture.



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