‘Young At Heart’ Couple Has Cute Moment Blowing Straws At Each Other


For whatever reason, a lot of people seem to think that just because you may be a few years older, that means you shouldn’t be allowed to have fun!

For too long our nation’s amazing senior citizens have been pushed away and pushed down. People who are a part of America’s greatest generation suddenly seem to be not as “cool” as the other generations that followed them.

Suddenly, a stereotype formed that “older” Americans couldn’t have fun like the “younger” generations. The amazing people who fought for our freedoms so hard, and who helped boost the nation’s economy to a brand new high, were suddenly thrown by the wayside.

Anyone who has ever thought that they’re “too old” to do something might want to watch this incredible video, and anyone that thinks that our nation’s senior citizens shouldn’t have a sense of humor might want to educate yourself by watching the adorable video below!

The “young at heart” gentleman attempts to attack his beautiful wife with the old straw-blowing technique. After a perfect hit, she tries to respond but seems to be having some real trouble getting it to work right.

Eventually, she finally manages to get him back, and it’s honestly just a real cute video showing a couple who are both still madly in love after all these years.

If everyone is half as happy as these two are, they’ll surely be truly blessed in life. Completely lost in their own little world, this couple can still have fun with each other!

Please watch this adorable video of true love! Thank goodness someone was there to film it all!

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