Young Woman Has Hysterical Complaint After Wisdom Teeth Removal


After waking up from oral surgery, Jayci Underwood was openly heartbroken that she had not come out of her procedure looking like singer Nicki Minaj. Groggily, she explains that she paid a lot of money for this surgery because she thought she would come out of it looking like Nicki Minaj, not just having four fewer wisdom teeth. She continues on to wonder why she isn’t best friends with Ellen DeGeneres yet, either.

Sometimes, what’s on the mind of one person may be quite entertaining to others. In this case, Underwood awoke from surgery clearly discombobulated, while her husband laughed at her expense. Although she is healthy after her surgery, she had a few sentiments about her face and body that she wanted to share. Her silly concerns are obviously influenced by medical drugs.

Going under the knife can be an anxiety-ridden situation for anyone. Considering the pain, complications, and lengthy time for operations, many treatments are offered to assist patients through the processes. One in particular, anesthesia, which means “without sensation” is a practice of medicine that allows for painless medical procedures.

The feeling when the anesthetic begins to wear off can be disconcerting as reality starts to slowly set in. Befuddled and confused, patients oftentimes lack filters, sense, and manners when responding to doctors or loved ones after waking up. Typically feeling comfortable and uninhibited, they share just about everything on their mind – like how they wish they looked like Nicki Minaj.



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