You’ve Been Cooking Pasta ALL Wrong! OMG, This ONE Trick Changes Everything! I Had No Idea!


For many of us, pasta has always been that quick, go-to meal when you’re in a pinch for time. It’s one of those dishes that is almost impossible to mess up, right? You boil water, toss in some pasta, and reheat a can of sauce. Easy peasy.

Well, it turns out many of us have been cooking pasta wrong, especially if they go by the directions on the box! The chefs at America’s Test Kitchen, a PBS instructional cooking show and the basis for Cook’s Illustrated magazine, have developed a foolproof method that is impossible to screw up. You’ll also learn that there are a few things you might have been doing wrong like adding olive oil to the water, dumping the water out without saving a small reserve, and rinsing the pasta when it’s finished.

Are you guilty of these things? Don’t worry, most of us are! Take a look at this video to turn your everyday pasta into a dish that will wow the whole family!

Mangia! Mangia!

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