A golden retriever was caught on camera sneaking into a neighbor’s pool


A month ago, a video of a golden retriever named Zeppole on YouTube attracted a lot of attention.

One morning the owner found him in the nearby pool, but the dog was not bothered by this – he repeats this act every morning, and, fortunately, the neighbors are not against his entertainment.

The video, published by The Dodo last month, has already become a huge hit on YouTube, with almost 2 million internet users already watching the golden retriever’s exploits.

Zeppole loves water – last year, when he was a puppy, he loved the neighbor’s pool, but his owners then stayed with him. As an adult, he no longer needed permission – he simply climbed over fences and went on water adventures on his own.

Check out this adorable video of a golden retriever enjoying a swim in his neighbor’s pool. Do you have neighbors who won’t mind your dog’s behavior?



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