Bruiser The Bear Beats Summer Heat With Epic Pool Day!


Bruiser the bear knows how to have fun in the sun. The Syrian Brown Bear bets the heat bycooling off in the swimming pool at the Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Florida.

In the video shared on their YouTube page, the bear is seen acting like a little kid, happily climbing into the pool and doing belly flops! He swims and splashes in the pool — and it looks like he’s having the best day ever!

He gets out of the pool for a little bit to greet the cameraman before jumping back into the water. Have you ever seen anything like this before?!

Single Vision works to educate the public on endangered wildlife and operates solely on sponsors and donations. (If you would like to help the nonprofit sanctuary and learn more,

“We only provide the best of the best and will settle for nothing less for our lions, tigers, leopards, panthers, bobcats, bears and other species of exotic animals,” the organization explains in their YouTube page.

“For Single Vision, the purpose is not to just provide a home for the beautiful exotic species that we house, but meet the animals physical and psychological needs by enriching their lives with daily inter-species play and human interaction outside their daily enclosure,” they added.

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