Dad Forgets To Watch Son While Shopping, Scary Incident Ensues


We can’t imagine there’s anything more horrifying as a parent than losing track of your child. Unfortunately, that nightmare became a reality for this dad after forgetting to keep a close eye on his son during a shopping trip. Watch as the curious boy lingers around the escalator, only to take a harrowing ride down the railing.

Thankfully, bystanders swiftly rushed to his aid and judging by everyone’s calm reaction following the incident, he seems to have landed safely in an adult’s arms.

That being said, we’re sure this dad won’t let his son out of his sight the next time they go to the mall, and this video serves as a cautionary tale about just how quickly kids can get into trouble when left unsupervised. Here at SF Globe, we call this scary moment a “lesson learned.”

Have any of you parents out there ever experienced anything similar? How do you keep your kids close while out in public? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to share this video if you found it as startling as we did.




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